21 Jan 2007

Quakr-7D-Tiltometer field-trip.

This weekend, the quakr team set about collecting some data.

We made a 7D tiltometer.

the 7d tiltometer

Mainly out of string and double sided sticky tape.

string, tape, stuff

Then we field-tested it in central Oxford.
testing 1
testing 2

Read all about it: Quakr 7D tiltometer Project


Charles Sant said...

I assume that the camera element of the 7D Tiltometer is configured to capture the time, or is there some other external element that you need to integrate with the rest of your compact design?

Hard but not said...

Hey Mr Sant.

Time is something that an awful lot of cameras copy into their EXIF information along with the image that is taken. The one we used was no different -- so yes, it captured the time automatically for us. We have not made a great deal of use of this time information in the Viewr as yet, but there are plans afoot to attempt some things.

Thanks for the feedback.