1 Feb 2007

Thats beta, but still αlphα

Following some excellent feedback, discussion, meetings and the like, some work has been done! I am very proud to announce the official release of the Flash version of the aforementioned αlphα Quakr Viewr [http://www.mainem.co.uk/quakr/release_alpha_flash/]. It works like a dream, utilises your keyboard arrow keys for movement so you don't have to click on the navigation buttons. It allows you to click on the images you want to examine and it'll jump in and look at them. A list of enhancements will make it even better than it is, and feel free to comment with anything that you think it needs.

screengrab of Viewr

Some further detail...
o) Instead of reading a .WRL file, it reads an XML file.
o) It utilises the Sandy Flash 3D engine for the main window.
o) It allows image selection by two means - selecting the image in the scene or picking from the drop down.
o) It allows movement by two means - arrow keys and some control or shift or buttons in left hand side.
o) It currently render local images onto the scene, but will have to start getting external images.
o) The mechanics of getting the image list from google/flickr is being worked on.
o) erm... oh yeah, you need Flash 8 plugged in.

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