11 Apr 2007

Quakr Taggr Tool : geo:lat, geo:long, geo:dir

I'm working on a tool create geo+ metadata, post-hoc.

Version 0.1 of QuakrTaggr supports:

* latitude + longitude
* direction (compass)

By "+" I mean I want geo:lat/geo:long plus direction, tilt, altitude, etc - ideally, the Quakr 7D set. By "post hoc", I mean a tool like like Flickr Map / GmIF which you use when you get home, rather than an attachment for your camera.

I am resorting to post-hoc metadata capture over wielding a tiltometer because:
1. My GPS is insufficiently accurate in towns.
2. Many of the bits of the tiltometer have fallen off, leaving me with .. well, a sticky camera..

Version 0.1 is based on GMaps API (of course). I had a hard time geocoding UK postcodes - big up to tomanthony. Plans for Version 0.2: greasemonkey altitude (earthtools?)


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