7 May 2007

Greasemonkey scripts make Quakr simple

Today, due to popular demand, Quakr launch 2 Greasemonkey extensions for Firefox to make visiting the Quakr World easier.

The flickr script enhances your experience of flickr by inserting a link to Quakr whenever you browse to a geotagged photo.

The Google Maps script allows you to navigate around in Google Maps and then jump straight to that location within Quakr. This means that you can search Google Maps for something like Tower Bridge, London and then click straight through from there to view the same scene in Quakr.

It's really easy to set up. The instructions and scripts are on the Quakr website, and if you are too eager to go and read those, the scripts are here:

Flickr to Quakr

Google Maps to Quakr

We would love to hear your feedback:
* do these scripts do what you want?
* are there any other Greasemonkey scripts you would like written?
* have you written any yourself?
* do you also find it strange that your CV could ever contain a word like 'Greasemonkey' and that it might actually enhance your job prospects?

Have fun.

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