15 Oct 2007

New alpha times two

Following some R&R for the last month and a half, the Quakr team have once more returned to work! Released today are two updated αlphα's.

Taggr - the tool to help you tag.
> Now supports GEO:ALT and GE:TILT tag.
> A simpler, clearer help and new look and feel.
> Links to the Viewr.

Viewr - the 3d photo view
> Compass on the ground instead of three lines
> Semi transparent images until selection
> No longer standard 'shabbatagging' - more images displayed in first view

All comments as welcome as ever...


Mike Hedge said...

pretty neat!

Hard but not said...

Thanks Mike. Hope you are able to use the Taggr to tag up your Flickr images and watch them in the Quakr world Viewr. All comments welcome...