15 Mar 2007

A 2nd gig to follow SWIG

Quakr is most proud to announce that it managed to stand up in front of the uber geeks that are SWIG and make their *thing* make sense. The 20 allocated minutes were split into three basic parts - an intro, a demo and a SWIG specific ending. This seemed to work. We're thinking that the article for XTech may well follow these lines.

If you were there and want a recap, or weren't and want to know what we said, http://www.quakr.net/~katie/SWIG has all the links we used. It doesn't have a copy of the words we said, but hopefully it covers the gist of the talk.

On the back of what seemed to us to be a well received talk and post-talk-public-house discussion, we've got a second "gig". This time it's locally run Oxford Geek Night to be held on the 11th April. See you there!

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